Best Review ever

2009-07-25 02:10:21 by architecture

My Best Review Ever

are you trying to creeep the hell out of people with this fucked up song? because mission accomplished if that was your goal. its just creepy and unpleasent to listen to. i feel like its going to cause me to be possessed by the devil or done with this song


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2009-07-26 17:15:59

that's frome slicethepie right? oh dear, that's one strange site on the net :D

architecture responds:

Eeyup! After posting serious productions there, it was almost where I didnt even want to make music anymore.

now that im bombing and torturing that site, I feel much better.


2009-08-07 03:01:14

you know it effected you. dont try to cope for your insecurities. just forget about it. it'll go away...its okay man...its big sexy boy

architecture responds:

ummm.....ok. You gay or something.