My Mega Deathstar Scully 280

2009-07-23 14:56:06 by architecture

Hey yall. So yesterday I finally decided to get serious about getting my Scully 280 up and running. I basically did some head cleaning, pot deoxit'ing, and electronics clean up. This was a 30 dollar goodwill find 3 years ago, and I finally got it back in my poession a year ago, but didnt have the knowhow to fix it.

So with these basic fix ups, the unit sounds about 80 percent there, just needs a MRL tape, which I just bought for it.

Im stoked to say the least.

My Mega Deathstar Scully 280


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2009-07-23 23:03:20

Your german sucks.

architecture responds:

And why did you say that here? Leave it for the song, not this page.