New Studio pictures

2009-06-25 01:29:51 by architecture

The last picture on here is from my old studio, which is not nearly as cool as the new studio.

now only problem is I dont have a fishlens to capture the studio, as it takes up a whole room.

New Studio pictures


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2009-06-25 07:05:19

Ahhhh studio pictures. I should put up a new picture of my modest deathstar :P

Old skool to the core my friend, kudos :)

architecture responds:

theres no school like old school! I have no problem making electro bass with this gear.


2009-06-26 09:17:56

if you have vista you can download windows photo gallery live and stitch a panoramic, or I'm sure there are other programs that do stitching.

architecture responds:

i have xp :p.


2009-07-07 19:10:06

you have a reel to reel.
HAHAHAHA thats awesome
do you even use it?

architecture responds:

Every once in a while, when I really want to go analog. I have a Scully 280 2 track machine that i want to get up and running, it was used by various famous people like Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones. Thats the machine I really would like to get running. Then Legowelt would have some competition.


2009-07-10 15:48:23

Is that an old minimoog? or the littlephatty? I'm afraid i don't own any hardware except a midi keyboard so i can't really tell :(.
Do you have any advice at owning an access virus?

architecture responds:

Thats a Moog Little Phatty. Man I wish I had a Minimoog, but thats why I got the Modular synth to the right there. It has the same architecture as the moog Modular.

Depends on which Virus you get. Some Favor the A version since it has crappier D/A Conversion, which gives it a gritter nastier sound than the other ones. How much are you looking at spending on a Virus? You might be able to get a good analog synth for the same price. Id recommend an Alesis Andromeda A6 over an Virus, ANYDAY. Its a analog Virus ;)


2009-07-11 01:36:12

Wow, Nice stuff man,


architecture responds:

the computer is to the left of that. Speakers are just Event Alp 5's and AKG 601 headphones. My andromeda A6 is also to the left of that as well. This is just half of my setup you see here.


2009-07-11 06:50:41

Well basically i can get an Acces Virus C for 500. Sounds like a deal to me :). I'm not really into specifications and shit but it sounded good when i tried it out. Though i'm a little worried hooking it up and using it like iwant it to ...

architecture responds:

do you have a means of recording it? what kind of soundcard or mixer do you have?


2009-07-11 14:46:36

wow, this little section is getting much more traffic than I ever expected. wow.


2009-07-11 17:09:34

currently i only have a M-Audio 2496..(soundcard) linky: /Audiophile2496.html

Can we chat on msn maybe?

(Updated ) architecture responds:

i have yim, and my id is An Audiophile is a great starting soundcard to have, i almost bought one when I was starting out, but went the extra mile and got an Emu 1820M, which I still use.. I was worried youd be working with a motherboard pos soundcard. I think you should be set.


2009-07-12 06:29:51

the emu1820 looks awesome, but i doubt it will do any justice in my hands. :)
it's too bad i don't have 'yim'. Oh well, this works fine

architecture responds:

yim and msn work together. I talk to people on MSN via YIM. whats your msn id?