Entry #1

Gear in Use

2008-08-10 22:45:15 by architecture

Wonder how I make my stuff, where here you go

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer
Akai AX-60 Analog Synthesizer
Korg EMX-1 Groovebox Synth
Roland JP 8000 (Newest Addition)
Roland D-550 LAS Synthesizer
Roland JD990 Synthesizer
Yamaha TG-33 Vector Synth
Yamaha TX-81Z FM Synth
Alesis Micron VA Synth

Akai MPC 2000XL with MCD
Akai S-1000 16 bit sampler (32megs)
Akai S-950 12 bit sampler
Akai S-612 12 bit sampler
Casio SK-1 8 bit sampling keyboard (thanks Kyrah!)
Korg ES-1

Focusrite Trakmaster Preamp
Ableton Live 6
Propellerheads Reason 3.0
Cakewalk Sonar LE
Sony DTC790 DAT Recorder
Teac A-3340S Analog 1/4" reel to reel 4 track
Tascam 424 MkII multitrack
Yamaha Bass Guitar
Yamaha MG16/6FX Mixer

Gear in Use


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2009-06-24 22:47:12

Whoa, very hardware prone. Sweet gear and sweet alias.. Is that a AKG headphone I spot? :-)

architecture responds:

yup its AKG. Btw, check the new post for more recent gear.


2009-06-24 23:27:32

I'll fight you for the AX-60, ESQ-80, JD-990, TX81Z, S-650, S-900. amd SK-1 :P

architecture responds:

the AX-60 was my first synth 5 years ago, and i have a whole website page that I did a review for Sealed Deep Synthesis (check it out). SQ-80, its growin on me. JD990, best damn rompler ever made, even better than the new shiite. The S950 and S612 are keepers too, espeically the S612, It works with the AX-60. SK-1 is the best way to explain how a sampler works to noobs :P tee hee.

btw, check the new post.