New Track.

2013-07-20 23:06:17 by architecture

Hi Guys. sorry for the lack of content on this site. These days ive been on youtube and soundcloud, figure I might as well use this one too since I have it. Heres the link to the vidoe. re=c4-overview&list=UUdnP7TD2JQ5g-X2syYuZirQ

Thought Id make this obligatory post here. Welcome! Enjoy the analog waveforms :3

Greetings from Trancelantic Studios

my label

2009-09-10 19:38:39 by architecture

my label.

Trancelantic Records.

Modern Mastering

2009-09-02 18:25:37 by architecture

It has come to my attention that alot of people dont particulary like the way that I master my music, and I have a reason for why I master the way I do. It goes back to the Loudness War that has been waged since the 1940s, when record producers would cut their 7" Singles "hotter" (aka louder), than the other guys record. This was done to get the attention of people playing their music on a jukebox, which had a set volume. So as you can assume, people started making their tracks louder and louder and louder.

Fast forward to the CD format. Since vinyl could only reach a certain loudness, CD could be produced at even hotter levels. In 1980, the average loudness was around -18 dbfs. These songs were mastered for good stereo systems, which would bring out all of the recorded dynamics well.

fast forward today, where new levels of loudness have been achieved by the band Angels and Airwaves, at a all time high of -3dbfs. Pretty much if you were to open that up in an audio editor, the only thing youd see is a solid brick waveform.

SO when I listen to most Electronic music here, what also baffles me is not only are the top mixes Slammed by a limiter, they have most of the bass neutered from the mix. The kick drums sound like they were mastered for ipod headphones.

So The next kid who comes complaining they cant hear my TR909 kickdrums, GET A BETTER SOUND SYSTEM.

Best Review ever

2009-07-25 02:10:21 by architecture

My Best Review Ever

are you trying to creeep the hell out of people with this fucked up song? because mission accomplished if that was your goal. its just creepy and unpleasent to listen to. i feel like its going to cause me to be possessed by the devil or done with this song

Hey yall. So yesterday I finally decided to get serious about getting my Scully 280 up and running. I basically did some head cleaning, pot deoxit'ing, and electronics clean up. This was a 30 dollar goodwill find 3 years ago, and I finally got it back in my poession a year ago, but didnt have the knowhow to fix it.

So with these basic fix ups, the unit sounds about 80 percent there, just needs a MRL tape, which I just bought for it.

Im stoked to say the least.

My Mega Deathstar Scully 280

New Choon and Studio Rearrangement

2009-07-19 22:25:02 by architecture

Just uploade2 new choons, 1988 and A Life About To End. If your wondering why its sounding soo dirty, its because its supposed to. By some peoples standards, its soo clean sounding for Belgum New Beat. This is the gear it was made on.

New Choon and Studio Rearrangement

New Studio pictures

2009-06-25 01:29:51 by architecture

The last picture on here is from my old studio, which is not nearly as cool as the new studio.

now only problem is I dont have a fishlens to capture the studio, as it takes up a whole room.

New Studio pictures

Gear in Use

2008-08-10 22:45:15 by architecture

Wonder how I make my stuff, where here you go

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer
Akai AX-60 Analog Synthesizer
Korg EMX-1 Groovebox Synth
Roland JP 8000 (Newest Addition)
Roland D-550 LAS Synthesizer
Roland JD990 Synthesizer
Yamaha TG-33 Vector Synth
Yamaha TX-81Z FM Synth
Alesis Micron VA Synth

Akai MPC 2000XL with MCD
Akai S-1000 16 bit sampler (32megs)
Akai S-950 12 bit sampler
Akai S-612 12 bit sampler
Casio SK-1 8 bit sampling keyboard (thanks Kyrah!)
Korg ES-1

Focusrite Trakmaster Preamp
Ableton Live 6
Propellerheads Reason 3.0
Cakewalk Sonar LE
Sony DTC790 DAT Recorder
Teac A-3340S Analog 1/4" reel to reel 4 track
Tascam 424 MkII multitrack
Yamaha Bass Guitar
Yamaha MG16/6FX Mixer

Gear in Use